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    It's your choice: Your server can be located at Datadock, the most ecological and technological data-center of Europe, or in the novel U.S' data center: Datotel. Wherever you choose your server to be located, you will always have the highest availability, the best efficiency and the best security.

    Datadock was built by PlusServer AG company after 3 years of design and planning.The main objective was to meet the highest demands on fast connections and availability without leaving aside the environment. Therefore, not only the newest in ecological technology has been used at our infrastructure, but also the newest in cooling systems. Thanks to this measures, our Data Centers stands out for being highly ecological and for having a great power-efficiency level. Also, if this is not enough, we keep the highest availability guaranteed.

    Fully automated moisture and acclimatization control:
    UPS voltage filters:
    Fire protection:
    230V source:
    Power consumption included:
    Smoke early detection system:
    Servers' location:
    Europe, US
    24hrs security service:
    Video Surveillance:
    Access control:
    2 diesel generators of 52.000 liters:
    • Debian GNU/Linux
    • Level 3 - Global Crossing
    • T-Mobile
    • Parallels
    • Fujitsu
    • Intel
    • AMD
    • OCZ Technology
    • Samsung
    • Dokko Group