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    When purchasing a dedicated server at HosterZone, you can choose from many different OS. Are you a Linux user or do you prefer Windows?


    Linux is characterized by its practically unlimited scalability. For experienced Linux users, Debian is recommended as a well-engineered and flexibly applicable system. As for people needing the most updated software we offer Ubuntu, and CentOS for Corporate users. We provide 64 Bit distributions of Centos, Ubuntu and Debian; for each one you can also choose from different versions.


    With Windows Server 2012 you can manage your server using an intuitive web interface. Many users are already familiar with the Windows experience, so that they can get along very fast.

    Only O.S.
    + Plesk 12
    + cPanel
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    Debian 8
    CentOS 7
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Debian GNU/Linux
    • Level 3 - Global Crossing
    • T-Mobile
    • Parallels
    • Fujitsu
    • Intel
    • AMD
    • OCZ Technology
    • Samsung
    • Dokko Group